COVID PLAN FOR 2022 Turkish Regionals:


Accommodation Opportunities:

As Fikret Yuksel Foundation Team Support we have contacted nearby hotels and received special offers for teams. These offers will be valid for any team competing in our regionals. When you contact the hotels, mention the competition, and the rate offers listed in order to receive them. – Making the reservations is the responsibility of each team.
You can find the hotel offers here :

Robot Tranportation

For robot transportation we suggest talking to for Turkey. Expeditors has managed to successfully bring robots into and out of Turkey for past events, and is generally working well with Turkish Customs.


For catering services we suggest using YEMEKSEPETI to order food to the Event Location.

Yemeksepeti Instructions: – They have both a phone app, and a website, you can order from either.
First you’ll need to select an area to search for food within – While at the arena you should select “Ataşehir (Barbaros Mah. – Batı)” as the location,

then click “list restaurants”. Once you’ve chosen a restaurant, and the food you would like to order, click on the basket, Approve the basket,

you’ll have to log in (either create a basic account or log in with Facebook) and it will ask you about delivery instructions.

Use a phone number that preferably can receive calls here in Turkey as the delivery person may need to call you to find you.

For Address city and area, “İstanbul, Barbaros Mah.” should already be selected – in the address section write: “Ülker Spor ve Etkinlik Salonu – Barbaros Mah. İhlamur Sk. – Batı Ataşehir/Ataşehir/İstanbul” And for the description:

“Lütfen yemekleri Ülker Spor ve Etkinlik Salonu’nun Doğu Girişinde – Takım <<Team Number>>, <<Name and Surname>>’e teslim ediniz.”
P.S. : Don’t forget to put your Team Number and Name on the text
Then choose your payment type and approve the order.

In addition to the on-site concessions and Papa John’s Pizza place, there are also a few malls within walking distance with various dining options (Watergarden and Bulvar 216 being the closer options).


Event Location:

Team Support Mail Address:
Team Support WhatsApp : +90 541 345 73 89